When the time came to think about college, I decided that my career path would encompass either child psychology or journalism. Fortunately for all the young people out there, I opted for communications¬†and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism. And eventually, a master’s degree in user experience design.

My career has taken me all around the world of writing, content strategy and user experience. I’m currently working as a UX content strategist for a large investment firm.

My influences include:

Mrs. Petersen
My sixth grade year in school was definitely one of the best when it came to academia. The teacher, Mrs. Petersen, made every task a fun project. One of my favorite assignments that year was the Edgar Allen Poe newspaper. We had to take classic Poe tales and revise them into news stories.

The New York Times
As a child, I would read from the Times’ business section and my mother would record if her stocks had gone up or down the day before. Eventually, I started reading the rest of the newspaper. I relished in the opinion section and noted how the press offered the public a platform for expression and debate on current events. In high school, I decided that my dream job would be working as the Op-Ed Editor for the organization.

People Magazine
Okay, fine. I never planned on covering a war from the front lines. As a young person, my thing was celebrity news and human interest. I found people, their lives and their stories interesting. As People combined everyday stories about everyday people with a good dose of celebrity dish, it was my favorite periodical. I still enjoy reading it today.